What clients say

I’ve been training with Charm for almost a year, I wanted to get fitter, stronger and lean. What I achieved with Charm’s help was far more than that !

My overall strength improved so much in a short space of time that I was able to perform exercises I would never even have attempted on my own.  Each workout is tailored to you.

I have learned so much from Charm, she shares her expert knowledge and answer any questions you come up with. Her dedication is clear.

Charm is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational.. I can’t recommend her enough !

Ravit, 42

I enjoy Charm’s classes by far the most as they are always well thought out, challenging and varied. She’s very dedicated, friendly and professional, so it was an easy decision when I opted for a Personal Trainer. 

I’m sometimes not the most enthusiastic of client but Charm is encouraging, motivates me to give my best and I thoroughly enjoy our sessions and feel so good afterwards. 

I have absolute trust in Charm to tailor my workout and push me to get fitter and stronger. Thanks Charm ! 

Catherine, 43

(This coming from a lady who had never stepped into a gym until her 40's and recoiled in horror at the thought of wearing leggings and Lycra !)

I met Charmian when I joined in for one of her class. I warmed up to her immediately as she walked in through the door with a huge smile and approach her to book a trial session. I’ve never looked back.

I’m 65 years old but I feel so much younger since we started working together ! Charm is highly professional, patient and kind. She is very attentive to details and good technique. Most importantly, we have fun ! 

I’ve had many trainers in the past 10 years but she is definitely the best. I absolutely love training with Charm.

Irving, 65

Charmian is a dedicated professional who draws on her extensive experience in both the worlds of fitness and dance to make one to one training and classes fun, safe and effective. She is committed to do things properly and working with the specific needs of the individual. My workout are always adjusted to accommodate an arthritic knee, so I can work out safely but to the max. She always offers choices so that everyone can join in the classes fully whatever their level of fitness and physical conditions they may be struggling with. Charmian is passionate about what's she does and that is what makes her the ideal guide for your fitness journey.
Lynn, 59
I am so pleased with my personal training sessions with Charm. I am working on getting back into shape and building my core after having my second child. Charm's passion for fitness and nutrition is infectious, I always feel stronger and more positive after a session. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Jess, 34

What class members say

I really enjoy Charmian’s classes, she’s very enthusiastic and work us hard ! The classes are well thought out and challenging with a great mix of popular music tracks. Highly recommend !

Sarah T

I love Charmian’s classes. She mixes the routine so every class is different, you will never be bored. She gives loads of guidance and options to suit everyone, and makes you feel like a valued individual, not just one of a group. 


Charm is a fantastic trainer, from whom I have taken classes in person and now online during the pandemic. She’s encouraging, works us hard, always mixes up the moves and keeps us motivated. I can’t recommend her enough. 


Charmian’s classes are fab. She offers a great variety and constantly changes the routines to keep things fresh. She also gives valuable guidance to make sure you’re doing each exercise correctly. Can highly recommend !

Sarah C

I was lucky enough to follow Charm from the studio to her online classes. She is a wonderful trainer and holds a wide variety of classes to suit all tastes, and abilities. She makes sure the routines are accessible and keeps us engaged by frequently coming up with new-and harder- ways of testing us. I really benefit from doing her classes and would whole heartily recommend her. ​



I really enjoy my workout sessions with Charm, they are very much in tune with my needs and it’s been extremely useful in keeping me healthy and fit, especially during these difficult times. If you’re looking for a personal trainer, I would highly recommend signing up with her as it has made such a difference for me. 


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