Training sessions

Personal training

Small group training

This is YOUR time, all eyes on you ! Those 60 mins sessions are especially tailored to your needs, goals and background.

They are designed to challenge you but also to empower you and give you the tools to become your best self whatever you think that might be. You will receive unconditional support, advice and follow up. Here your only competition is yourself !

Because healthy competition is a great way to keep your game up ! You still get a lots of attention and exercises are adapted according to each participant’s needs.

Working out together can be extremely motivating and allows for a discounted rate. Those sessions are 60 mins and designed for two to three people maximum. Grab your workout partner and let’s get started !

Pre & Post natal

Pilates one-on-one

Being pregnant/having recently given birth implies a lot of changes for your body and therefore a change in your workout routine.

But it doesn’t mean you have to stop working out ! In fact, exercising is highly recommended and has loads of benefits, including more energy, less anxiety and higher self esteem. You will be guided every step of the way to keep fit during your pregnancy/ to regain your pre pregnancy body.


Pilates is a fantastic way to strengthen your whole body, it’s particularly great for building a strong core.

This type of workout is highly recommended if you’re looking to improve your posture, balance, flexibility and mobility.

Welcome to the new you