HIIT– which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. But not to worry, even if you’re not a regular gym goer, this workout is so much fun and there are options for everyone ! This is a great class for anyone who wishes to get fitter, it will definitely get your heart going, and it’s a massive calorie burner.

Combat– based on mixed martial arts moves, you will kick and punch your way through this workout. All moves are choreographed to upbeat and driving music. It combines cardio, conditioning and coordination and will take you to a whole new level of fitness. This class is incredibly empowering and addictive. Unleash your inner warrior, all levels welcome !

LBT– it does what it say and targets all three areas Legs, Bums & Tums ! This workout can be done with or without weights. It will help you tone up your lower body and support you in becoming leaner and stronger.

Body conditioning– this class works on full body conditioning using only your bodyweight so no specific equipment required ! It’s challenging and fun, and it is a great way to build strength in your upper and lower body as well as toning up.

Barre– based on ballet technique, this unique workout is conditioning at its best ! This class will introduce you to the type of exercises dancers use to develop lean muscles. It’s particularly efficient at building strong glutes, back and shoulders leading to better posture and healthier joints. No experience needed and the only equipment required is a chair.

Core- your core includes your full set of abdominal muscles, front, sides and back. This class focuses exclusively on building a stronger core, and it’s not just about that six pack. It plays an important role in your everyday life and supports your every move. A strong core, means better balance and stability, support for your lower back to alleviate back pains, better posture and an overall healthier body.

Pump– this is a full body workout, conditioning all muscles from legs to triceps all the way to abs. It is choreographed to music and focuses on one muscle group at a time to work it to its full potential. This class will leave you feeling energised and quite literally.. pumped up ! You will need a couple of weights, dumbbells or barbells and a mat.